Pro-choice doesn't have to mean pro-death- An essay about abortion from the pro-choice perspective By kate buckingham

Essay by intothevoid January 2005

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What is life? Webster's Unabridged Dictionary defines life and the state of being alive as "human activity; time when something functions; animated; full of life; being in existence." The 'No Child Left Behind Act' teaches in public schools that a twenty-three day old fetus is a thinking human. Does one's existence start right after they have been born? After being conceived? At a certain time inside their mother's womb? That seems like one of life's unanswerable questions, but for the government, and many opinionated citizens around the world, it leads another serious debate; is the practice of abortion so immoral that it should be illegal?

The new laws that could be passed regarding abortion include restrictions of many sorts, even making it illegal entirely (only cases of incest, rape, or where the woman could die giving birth are exceptions). One bill that might be passed by congress is making it mandatory for doctors to tell their patients that the fetus would feel pain during the procedure.

What would this do? Make the woman feel even more terrible than she already is? Was this bill put forward with the intentions of scaring and guilting people away from getting abortions? There is also pushing towards making anesthesia be available or mandatory for the baby during the procedure. "These are children who are quite well developed," says Congressmen, Barbara Boxer. "And we're simply saying that if they have to be killed, then let's at least be sufficiently merciful to spare them from this excruciating pain that they suffer."

If the pro-life activists feel so much for these unborn fetuses, one would think they could have some compassion and understand why someone would abort their baby. If these new laws are passed, there will be no regard for the woman's physical, mental,