The price of war.

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The evolution of values in today's modernized and more dangerous world, with our ethnocentric ideas lead me to believe some of us may not truly understand the meaning of war. By discussing the consequences of war perhaps we can begin to measure the impact a global war would have on our more industrialized society. With the evolution of our society we have began to separate our values and ethics from the reality we live in every day. In many ways I would even go as far as to say we are lying to ourselves. We preach goodness, and sharing, and love, but we find ourselves many times unconsciously committing tremendous acts of injustice, even cruelty in the hopes of gaining more power or wealth even pleasure. Many people believe war is the only answer to the crisis our world is facing. With the evolution of society has come the evolutions of our own fears of others, and forceful, and many times seemingly careless ways of protecting ourselves.

One such way we've began to protect ourselves from our dangerous neighbors is terrorism, known by many as a black art of war, the objective of terrorism is to breed such total and overwhelming fears into our enemies that they will no longer show themselves as a threat but become less aggressive and allow us to follow our own paths without outside interference. Let's consider for a moment that we all want peace but as we all strive and struggle vigorously to protect ourselves from each other, then in reality who are we all really protecting ourselves from? Is it that we in striving to protect ourselves from our bitter enemies we unintentionally harm our neighbors, forcing them into action that we would call defending ourselves, but in reality is an open...