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B. Name a person who has integrity and why? What does integrity mean to you?

In trying to answer this question I have considered many commendable people. The people whom I feel have been and are examples of integrity are George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Hale and Mohandas Gandhi. These intellectuals are for me very important, excellent examples of integrity. Knowing and believing this, I choose some one close to me who epitomizes this quality. I choose my father as a person who is an example of a being who has integrity.

My father is a man who thinks pure thoughts. My father has sacrificed many tangible and some intangible facets for his family. He places the needs of his family over perceived needs for himself. For him the principle of family can be thought of as immediate family, extended family, community and the whole human race.

His sacrifices and hard work extend to all of these groups.

Throughout his whole life, he has committed himself to the betterment of his brothers and sisters. He worked for hours during his youth in India to educate himself in order to provide a better life for his siblings. When given an opportunity to come to the United States, my father took advantage of this prospect; not for himself, but for his family. Being the only educated member of the family, he was guaranteed an easy life; but his family would have had to work hard for the rest of their lives in order to feed themselves. This was why my father decided to come to the United States. He reckoned that if he succeeded in America, the he would be able to bring his siblings here and better their lives substantially. In order to do this, he had...