The Power of One

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I believe the human spirit is the qualities a being can show throughout life such as the quality of courage, bravery, fearlessness, friendship and determination. These aspects are all explored in the movie, "The Power of One".

I chose this text because it relates to the concept of the human spirit by exploring almost all the aspects of it and the intention of John Avildson, the director, was to convey the message that one person can make a difference if he has the aspects of the human spirit such as determination, courage and bravery.

First of all, the movie is quite different to Bryce Courtenay's novel, "The Power of One", as some on the characters names and events are altered, but the same message of the Human Spirit is conveyed.

"The Power of One" is set in South Africa during the 1930s and 1940s and is about a young boy named PK who is soon orphaned when his Mother and his Nanny die.

He is sent to live with a German Professor who is referred to simply as "Doc". No sooner has PK arrived in the care of Doc that the English government places Doc in prison for failure to register as a foreigner. On one of PK's visits to the prison, he meets Geel Piet, an African inmate, who teaches PK how to box. Years pass and PK continues to be taught, until one of the prison guards brutally attacks and kills Piet. This drives PK to try and abolish racism and try and get all humans to be treated equally. PK then attends an English private school and meets Maria, who he falls in love with. Guideon Duma, a native who also boxes, wants PK to teach the Africans the English language. PK does so...