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Management Woes

Children's Hospital and Health System, Inc. (CHHS) is a wonderful place to work, and I have been fortunate to have spent the last five years employed there. Unfortunately like any company, CHHS also has its issues. If there were any one thing that I could change at CHHS, it would be the position held by the Director of Information Services (IS) Technical Services. It is my opinion that this position should be held by an individual with a background and a general understanding of the technology field, or the ability to place confidence in those hired for this knowledge.

An overview of the organizational layout within the Information Services department will assist in a better understanding of the situation. The entire department is divided into two primary areas all headed by the CIO (Chief Information Officer), the first area would be Technical services, which consists of Telecommunications, Help Desk, PC (Personal Computer) support, Security, and Server and Network support.

The second key area is Applications. The Applications area does not consist of any sub-departments, but is divided by application. Each main area is lead by a director that reports directly to the CIO. There are then multiple managers that report to each director. My position at CHHS is that of IS Security administrator. I report to the IS Security Officer who then reports to the Director of Technical Services.

The Director of Technical Services is currently held by an individual with a financial background. I do not look at the financial background as a negative attribute for this position, but rather not enough in and of itself. This position requires a person that either has a certain degree of knowledge in the technical field, or confidence in the expertise of those hired to handle the situations...