What is Politics? The essay is written by looking at politics as it has universaly become known and what politics may really be underneath all of these assumptions.

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What is Politics?

This is a question that can indeed be asked. Before we can do just that, it must be made clear that politics as it is currently known and as it has been regarded over the centuries by most scholars, is vastly different from what politics really is (Blake, n.d). This is a daring assertion but one that must be made clear. It is clear that for us to get to the heart of the matter here it is necessary to question some of the most basic assumptions that we may hold on to as humans. This leaves this work open to attack, as it may deviate from mainstream academic assumptions and indeed requirements about how such a question should be answered. Indeed, it must be made clear that it is necessary for one of the most basic human assumptions of all, namely that ideas, thoughts and theories are produced by the individual, to be called into question.

Inevitably this means this work may not conform to the academic standard of being dependent on a substantial bibliography. It is understood by the author that the expectation placed upon him is that references should be taken from a variety of sources. It is also understood however these sources are assumed to come from various scholars assumed to be individuals producing their own ideas, thoughts and theories. As mentioned above, this assumption cannot be taken for granted; it must be looked at if we are to really answer the question. With this awareness the question to be answered will be addressed.

DEFINITION OF POLITICS (this was inserted in a box - but cannot show a box her - this is like a figure insert)

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