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Identify the groups, organizations, and political constituents likely to support a reduction in funding for the state's department of corrections. Which of those groups would also publicly support changes in criminal sentencing that would reduce the prison population? Identify the stakeholder groups or individuals who benefit from funding the department of corrections or prison construction.

The groups that would assist with supporting a reduction in funding for the state's department of corrections and other government agencies, public services and the community as a whole. The correctional departments and the courts need correctional funding, the courts would likely support changes in criminal sentencing to reduce prison population, while the community would likely want sentencing changes to eliminate much of parole and probation options available for the correctional system. The governor would just have to bring the issue in to the lime light of his campaign.

The people that would benefit from the continued building of prisons are the community and political interest groups who want the people committing crimes off the streets.

I think that they should also, instead of having the prisons built by a company; they should be built by the prisoners that are currently doing time. In this instance the town or city would save money in many areas especially manpower. And in retro-spec if the offender is a repeat offender, he will just be working on his future home.

2.Identify the threats and opportunities to each component of the criminal justice system implicit in need to reverse expenditures for corrections to help "dig our way out" of the state's fiscal problems.

Courts, law enforcement, and corrections are the three components that make up the criminal justice system. Remembering that with every case there is effect in every choice or action done, by anyone. Keeping that...