Political Affiliation

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Political Affiliation

"As there are many roads to Rome and many ways to skin a cat," Frank J Sorauf has written, "there are also many ways to look at a political party." I am here to look at the Democratic Party and persuade you to join our prestigious party. The Democratic Party is a political organization with a vision for millions of Americans. The Democrats are one of the oldest political parties today. Their ideals have appealed to many. Over the years, different types of campaign strategies have been implemented. The Democratic Party has remained strong by appealing to many people. Democrats work for the "little guy." We try to help out our veterans, as do the Republicans, and make sure that social security is reliable. America's reforms must come from within America. There are many other problems that should be addressed as well. One of the more recent problems is terrorism.

Democrats want to fight terrorism through strong leadership. Diplomatic pressure on nations can work to flush out terrorism wherever it flourishes. The democrats have nearly devised the way to make America a better nation. As Sorauf concluded, the nature of a political party is somewhat in "the eye of the beholder."

Over two hundred years ago, our Party's founders decided that wealth and social status were not an entitlement to rule. They believed that wisdom and compassion could be found within every individual and a stable government must be built upon a broad popular base.

A classic study of national convention delegates found that the opinions of Democratic and Republican leaders diverged sharply on many important issues. What is more, these opinions were found to conform to party images: Republican leaders identified with "business, free enterprise, and economic conservatism in general," and Democrats were friendly "toward labor and...