Poetry II

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Candyland and Roses

We're bound for nowhere other than under

I sit here longing for more than a thought at a time

This place is a barnyard circus, lovers and jokers amuck

My words will live forever and by forever I mean a month

I'm getting' ready for the oven

All I know is the rack is flat

And it's hot by the looks of the timer

Like the way ants know nothing more than the surface

Heaven best be around the land of gum drops

Don't let the mudman halt your path

Book an extended stay to collect and compose

Bible Writer Blues

It's been a while since I've sat down to write

But I might as well try to get on this scroll

A series of etches that will mean something

To someone later on

Up till now all I've seen is people talking

But I'm gonna sit here and get down something

Louder than talking and

Further than I'll ever see

All I know is this guy that died

And people didn't know what to think when it rained

But that's all I really know

Is that it rained that Friday

My uncle Aesop likes to talk

About serendipity and what he can...

Remember from conversations with people long ago

He didn't know them that's why I'm writing

All I know is shapes and crosses

I'll write about those and loaves of bread

I'm very hungry but it's a shame I'm out of wine

Five Senses and Seven Deadly Sins

The scene swirled in my mind

Like colors brighten and fade

From light that hits

Above or below

The scent sent a postcard up my head

Down to my toes where I took

The smell as coming from the floor

Not my feet

I swore I heard...