What is Poetry?

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Poetry. One word with so many purposes! Poetry has been used for many years and centuries by the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, and even the Japanese. So basically...what is poetry? Poetry is the ryhming of stressed and unstressed syllables. Its usually broken down in to short lines and stanzas (short paragraphs). Most use it to express their feelings toward someone (Ex.Juliet) , or to entertain (Ex. Jack and Jill).

TYPES OF POETRYThere are many types of poetry. The Japanese had come up with a 5 line poem called a Haiku hundreds of years ago. This poem is usually about nature. It has a certain syllable count: 5, 7, 5. But the best part about it is, is that it doesn't have to rhyme.

The Americans had come up with a similar poem called a Limerick. It also has 5 lines, but its syllable count is 9,9,6,6,9.

A two line poem is called a couplet.

It can have AS MANY syllables and you would like for it to have. It can be used in many (if not all) poems.

An elegy is a poem expressing sad emotions and feelings...like something you'd read at a funeral. It can be as long as you make it, and it also doesn't have to rhyme.

An epic is a long adventure poem. (Ex. Beowulf, Paradise Lost, etc.)RHYME SCHEMEEvery poem has a rhyme sceme. For example, let's say we have the poem below:"A tear I shed to my beloved,A simple thorny rose to calm thee,However or so, I shall not deny...

I hope you shall feel the same about me."Since "beloved" is the last word on the first line, we label it "A".

Since "thee" doesn't rhyme, we would label it "B". "Deny" doesn't rhyme, so we would label it "C". But since "me" rhymes with "me" we would label it "B" also.

Together, the poem's rhyme scheme should be A,B,C,B.

"A tear I shed to my beloved, -AA simple thorny rose to calm thee,-BHowever or so, I shall not deny...-CI hope you shall feel the same about me."-BSOURCES:poetry.comriverdeep.colbert.k12.al.us (only accessible in Colbert County, Alabama).