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Song of Innocence-"Counterphobia"

I was left alone

I had Autophobia

I traveled into isolation

Counterphobia turned my world around

I stayed alone, happily

I worked in an office building on the 48th floor

I had Acrophobia

I climbed a mountain

Counterphobia turned my world around

I climbed, happily

I saw the street lights and screamed

I had Photophobia

I went outside and looked at the sun

Counterphobia turned my world around

I looked at the beautiful sun, happily

Song of Experience- "Phobophobia"

Piled in the corner of my mind

Horded by my thoughts

Obsessively fearing the odor in the air

Bold nervousness took me down


Pattering my heart as I sleep

Hearing my thoughts in my mind


By morning I was torn apart

I couldn't sleep ever again

Another painful fear