"The pink fish" fiction story.

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Once upon time in a faraway place called Winitchupalup, which was a fishtown at the bottom of the deep ocean, where it is impossible to explore. there lived a young pink fish with yellow and blue glow in the dark spikes down its back, named Somadrekio

Now in this place called Winitchupalup, the LUNABERRIES ruled all. the lunaberries are peckled orange ugly fish. Now the lunaberries didn't like the pinkfishes, because they were jealous that the pink fish were prettier than them. So the pink fish were segragated against and they lived as poor fishes. There was a huge problem however that arose. The pinkfishes were so descriminated against that they were starved, and were always getting tail wapped by lunaberries. Somadrekio was one of these fishes that was tail wapped by a very famous lunaberry name Belawa. when Somadrekio was tail wapped, he went crazy. How dare someone tail wap him.

He thought it was tremendously unfair. So he spiked the little lunaberry! "HAHA!" said Somadrekio, "that will teach you to NOT tail wap a pink fish with spikes!"...so Belawa wiggled his way home, and told every one what this pink fish did. So then a big swarm of lumaberries went Somadrekio's home, or shall we say tiny piece of seaweed, and Tail wapped him like no other fish has been tail wapped before. AND they all left. When they did Somadrekio called for a meeting with all the pinkfishes, and told them that they need to take charge against the lunaberries. So they did. The pinkfishes tail wapped those little lunaberries all the way to the other side of the ocean near Antartica, where they freezed their little tail wapping fins off, and never tail wapped another being again, And the pink fished took the...