"Photos that Sell, The Art of Successful Freelance Photography," by Lee Frost.

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The Art of Successful Freelance Photography

Author: Lee Frost

The book that I have chosen for my book critique is "Photos that Sell, The Art of Successful Freelance Photography," by Lee Frost. This book was first published in 2001 by Amphoto Books. It is a n imprint division of Watson-Guptill Publications. It was first published in the United Kingdom in 2001. The reason that I chose this book is because I really like freelance photography and hope to see my work published someday. The author, Lee Frost gives

much thought provoking detail of how a freelance photographer can get his/her work published.

I really enjoyed this book and obtained many useful ideas that will be beneficial to my future as a photographer. This book is divided into chapters that range from speculative selling,

Picture libraries, the digital age, and commissioned photography. It also goes into much detail on different subjects that people will buy, people, nature, vacations, sports, business and finance, transportation, industry, science, animals and wildlife, agriculture, food and concepts.

It also

references useful addresses, clubs, societies and publications that will be helpful to a starting out


The author quickly sets the photographers idea of the perfect occupation in the introduction of this book, "Whether is gardening, horseback riding, coin collecting, or painting,

most hobbyist harbor dreams of one day turning their spare-time interest into a money making

occupation. For most people, of course, this dream remains exactly that - a dream- simply because making money from many hobbies is difficult. Fortunately, photography is one of the

rare exceptions, and a growing number of enthusiasts are realizing that it's possible to profit financially from their interest. Without having to take a huge financial risk or give up their day

job." Upon reading this in...