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Philip II played a tremendous part of Spain’s illustrious history. He played a crucial role in making Spain one of the strongest counties in historic times. Philip was born in Valladolid on the 21st of May 1527 and was the only legitimate son of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, by his wife Isabella of Portugal. ( Philip II was easily one of the most influential characters of his time for several reasons.

Philip was not just King of Spain but of Milan, Naples, the Netherlands, Burgundy, and isles of the Mediterranean. Philip II sees himself as the great protector of Catholicism. Philip was a man who was driven to become the leader of Spain and would stop for nothing. He even participated in several marriages that were considered simply political alliances to improve his popularity globally. Philip’s reign is said by historians to have begun Spain’s siglo de oro, its golden century, when Spain was the major empire in the West, and Spanish art and literature flourished.

(Haberman, 59) Unfortunately when Mary Tudor, the Queen of England and Philip’s wife passed away it ruined the alliance between Spain and England. Having become king, Philip, devoted to Catholicism, defended the Faith throughout the world and opposed the progress of heresy, and these two things are the key to his whole reign. ( He ruled as well as reigned, and he spent his time governing his kingdom, as well as in religious devotion. Philip was an austere man, devoted to the program of the Catholic Reformation. He consistently insisted on conformity, and for this reason, Spain was considered the champion of the Catholic offensive against Protestantism. (Haberman, 59) In my opinion Philip II was an amazing leader and was extremely influential in the development of Spain as a country. The manner...