Pesticides in kerala - An example of bias in the media Pesticides in Coca Cola ,the impact of scientific researches human health and multinationals

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An example of bias in the mediaPesticides in Coca Cola ,the impact of scientific researches human health and multinationalsMedias are surely the most powerful information provider of the XXIst century and have literally invaded our daily life. Not only do they relate facts but they also often contribute toform ideas, opinions and judgments. But first of all, let's study the concept of "Media".

Media is composed of all kind of means used to propagate information. There are 5 mainmedias: Television, Internet, Radio, Posters and written press. The Internet has largelyinfluenced the information structure as it gave to each and every person the until now very limited possibility to expose information, ideas and opinions freely thanks to the "blog" or site concepts.

This eventually led to a frenetic competition between professionals from the journalism world, eager to be the very first to reveal THE "breaking" and "exceptional" information, which will boost their readership or audience.

Therefore, some medias become biased either intentionally, following their ideals or their economical goals.

One interesting example is how different medias related the polemic about the pesticides rate found in various Indian soft drinks among which; Coca cola in August 2004.

Everything started in February 2003 with the alarming report on the very high pesticide rate found in 13 different Indian mineral water brands, carried out by CSE. After recognizing the accuracy of the facts and having acknowledged a second report focusing on the pesticides contained in soft drinks, the ministry of Development of Human Resources, Science and Technology along with various states decided to ban Coca Cola Pepsi brands.

This ban was the starting point to a large mediatic fever. On one side, appeared some medias (some news paper, and a lot of blogs) concerned about social and ethic issues heavily condemning the company's practices...