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Dear Dad,I really want to keep the stray puppy I found . The reasons why we should keep this adorable puppy are: She is well trained, I ‘ll have a playmate on rainy days and that I really feel that I’m eligible enough to have a big responsibility such as this. You can probably tell by now that the puppy has been trained and abandoned by someone else or as I would say, merciless strangers. Well, don’t you feel bad for her? Imagine if you were abandoned, wouldn’t you want someone to take you in? Besides, she can fetch the morning newspaper so we don’t have to go outside to get it. Don’t you agree?On days that you go to work and mom is busy, the puppy will keep me company. As you know, dogs are my favorite animal! On snow days when we’re locked in the house because there’s too much snow, I ‘ll have a play-mate.

The pup is like a family member to me already, think of how it would be like if you let me keep it. Also, she will keep me from bugging you and mom. So in the end, all of us profit, I ‘ll be happy and so will you and mom.

This special puppy is already trained, so we don’t have to take her to obedience classes or train her ourselves. She’s nice and doesn’t howl at night or scratch the doors and won’t disturb the neighbors. Also, or you would have noticed, she does her “business” outside. It is widely known that dogs might bark or maybe even bite strangers. Well, you can be sure that this one doesn’t do that. I mean, we were strangers, weren’t we? If she could get used to us that quickly, then she can be...