How Personality Test Taught Me About Myself

Essay by JacksskyHigh School, 12th grade January 2005

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After looking into the results of my personality tests, I found out many things that I did not know about myself, which would affect my future career choices greatly: I found out that I was even tempered, which would be a two sided blade for me in the future. I found out that I am very adaptable, which will aide me when tough changes occur; I found that I am confident enough to step up to any challenges yet I dislike pressures and deadlines; And last but not least, I am creative and logical, but never really inspiring and motivating.

I am very even keeled normally, which means I rarely get too emotional. Here is an example of me being temperate: I was always a very good student in the Spanish class; I always get good grades on all of the tests and quizzes. But in the first test that we took this year I received a low "D".

I was very shocked that I got such a low score, but I did not get depressed or angry at all. I just thought: "Okay, you dug yourself a hole. Now let's dig yourself out." I just shrugged it off and kept going. I don't let these things which would usually affect someone's mood affect me, I try to think that it's the past already, there's not much that I can do about it now, so focus on the future. This characteristic of mine can both help and harm me in my future, especially as I am working. Due to my lack of extreme emotions, I think negotiator and gambler are two of the careers that I can really look into, since in neither career you'll ever want to let you opponent know what you are thinking. And I will...