People work more productively in teams than individually. Teamwork requires cooperation, which motivates people much more than individual competition does

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I strongly agree with the statement above that people work more productively in teamwork than individually. For my part, through cooperation in teamwork, we can not only divide our work and emphasize specialization to achieve more effectiveness than individual competition, but also gather co-workers' various views and experiences to come to more comprehensive perspectives and reasonable solutions than individuals do.

One of the significant roles of cooperation in teamwork lies in the labor division and specialization, both of which emphasize the distinct characteristics of individual members and enhance the efficiency in production. To take architecture design for a good example, as we known, I.M.PEI, a outstanding architect in US, designed China Bank Tower in Hong Kong in 1984. In the first two weeks of the design work, Pei asked every architect in his studio to make a individual project for the building-including overall plan, facades, rendering photos and models, which would be evaluated all together to compete for the final one.

Yet two weeks later, many problems emerged. The efficiency of everyone was so low that no one could complete the whole project, because the individual competition made them exhausted in the single work for such a long list of design factors. However, Pei decided to divide all employees into several groups as teamwork to design, in which the work was arranged according to every member's specialty. Then every architect could concentrate on his/her divided part of work with his/her strongpoint. As a result, the labor division and specialization with cooperation enabled each group to accomplish the design with high efficiency and quality in time.

Other than the role above, another advantage of cooperation is that, in teamwork, every member's different views and experiences could be gathered to shape a more comprehensive perspective and reasonable solution to improve productivity. Through...