Pearl Jam.

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Pearl Jam

Vedder, Pearl Jam's lead singer, says, "I didn't ask for all this." He has millions of dollars and yet, still drives the same 1990 Toyota truck that he bought when he was working at a service station during his not so prosperous years. Vedder has led a difficult life, and has survived a hard up bringing. He worked through it and formed a million dollar band: Pearl Jam. They have made most of their money off of songs written about Vedder's past.

Vedder was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago, where his parents divorced before his second birthday. Up until the time he dropped out of high school he believed his stepfather to be his biological. When his biological father died from multiple sclerosis, his mother told him the truth. He then changed his name from Mueller, after his stepfather, to Vedder, his mother's maiden name.

"I didn't get to know my dad. I just bumped into him a couple of times." Ironically, Vedder had met his real father, he just did not know it was him. His mom decided not to tell him about it until he was thirteen. For some time after that he stayed mad at her. (Jeffrey 365)

Vedder struggled through his days in school. He rarely went because of the constant verbal abuse he got from his classmates. The stress of being picked on contributed to his poor attendance record, and a hit single, Jeremy.

"Cleary I remember pickin on the boy

Seemed to harmless little Fuck Ooh, but

We unleashed a lion gnashed his teeth and

Bit the recess ladys Breast... how can I forget

And he hit me with a surprise left my jaw

Left hurting Ooh dropped wide open just like

The day oh like the day I...