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The goal or the idea of this experiment underlined the following question:

Can you design an experiment to find out the relationship between the extension of a spring and the force applied to it?


My hypothesis for this experiment undergoes the idea that the more load (mass) is added to the spring the large or longer the spring will became. Furthermore I believe that at a certain point the spring will lose its electric trait and react the electric limit. By this idea I mean that the spring will not return to its original size.


Mass or the Load (Independent)

Force in Newton

Distance of extension in centimetres

Clamp Stand, ruler, spring; (materials)


This experiment was done by setting up a stand, which is shown in the diagram bellow:

The diagram about shows the set up of the experiment the only thing or object that is changed in this experiment is the load.

Furthermore before being the experiment the measure of the spring is recorded. In other words the place where the spring ends, without any load, this is shown by the dotted line. Going into more detail, when a load is added to the spring the spring enlarges and the enlargement is recorded. This is done by taking the different of the dotted line measurement and the measurement with the load; the meaning of measurement represents the centimetres on the ruler.

Each time the measure of the corresponding load is recorded the load is replaced by a heavier one and this continues until the load is 1100. In addition this experiment is repeated three times.


The result section for this experiment is divided into a few subsections; this is due to the fact that three trials were made in this experiment.

Trail 1 Data...