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What are the functions of the UNO?

· To maintain peace and security, develop friendly relations and solve world problems through international co-operation

· To give help or support to the places were needed

· To improve standards of living

· Guarantee human rights

How is the UNO structured?

· The UNO consisted out of the General Assembly, The Security council, The Economic and social council, The Trusteeship Council, The international court of justice, The secretary-general

· The head of the UNO is based in the New York (The secretary-general)

· He or she is elected every five years

· He or she draws the attention of the security council to international disputes

· Security council is the real power in the UNO

· It consists out of fifteen members, five permanent and ten non permanent

· Permanent ones can use the right of veto

· The general assembly consists of all members of the UNO

· It meets once a year, or more if needed

· To make a decision a two-thirds majority is needed

· But these decisions are more of recommendations

· Moreover the UNO, has an international court of justice

· This court had fifteen judges and they settle cases of council dispute brought before it by the members

· Furthermore there is a trusteeship council that looks after some countries

· It mainly looks at their way of independence and an Economic and social council with helps to carry out economic and social work

· Also there are the specialised agencies

1. UNESCO - promotes education and communication and the arts

2. WHO - coordinates international health activities and to help governments improve health services

3. UNICEF - responsible for programs to aid education and the health of children and mothers in developing...