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The Concise English dictionary defines the word "patriot" as one who strongly supports and serves his or her country. The miniature English dictionary describes a patriot as someone who loves their country. The Junior Macquarie dictionary's meaning for a patriot is someone who is loyal to and supports their country. All these dictionaries define a patriot as being loyal to their country. But patriotism isn't just about loving your country. It is possible to be patriotic about other things, such as religion, sporting clubs and culture.

However, have you ever stopped to think whether there is such a thing as being overly patriotic? It is fine to be devoted entirely to a country, religion or sport, but when is it taking it too far?

People like Sadam Hussein are patriots that are taking patriotism too far. He is so devoted to his country that he will stop it at nothing to defend his country of Iraq.

In his attempts to help his country he has killed thousands of innocent people and civilians who had never done anything wrong.

One of the most famous mass murderers of all time was Adolf Hitler. He is best known for starting World War 2 and for being responsible for the millions of Jewish lives being lost, due to the Holocaust. He was also one of the most patriotic people in history. Adolf Hitler's was dearly devoted to his home country of Germany. He showed his devotion to his country by enlisting as a messenger in World War 1 and putting his life at risk to help his country. The whole reason World War 2 began was because Hitler was furious at his country of Germany being pushed around and humiliated. When Germany was hit with the expenses of the war in the Versailles...