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Parenting Style 1

Running Head: Is there only one parenting style?

Is there only one parenting style that works best for all?

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Parenting Style 2

According to Diana Baunrind there are four types of parenting styles which are: authoritarian, permissive, authoritative, and uninvolved parents. The role that parents play influences their children development. Each person's cognitive development is affected by the parenting style their parent used while growing up. "Parents today have a variety of choices regarding their parenting style" (Critzer) Parental beliefs and values influence child-rearing practices.

The First type of parent that will be covered is the Authoritarian parent.

They have a high level of control, but a low level of responsiveness. They expect obedience from their children without question. They have a high level of structure and clearly stated rules, and often use punishment as a deterrent to disobedience.

They are also characterized by the high level of psychological control they exert over their children. Children of authoritarian parents tend to do moderately well in school and do not engage in problem behaviors, but they have lower self-esteem, poorer social skills according to Feldman (2006). My father tends to be the authoritarian type. This type parenting style does not foster a healthy bond between parent and child. Being retired military made him have that cold rigid controlling edge which came out in his parenting style. The characteristic of the children raised in this type of household does not apply to me because my mother had a totally different approach to raising children which will be

Parenting style 3

discussed later. There have also been other studies that suggest race plays a part in how parenting styles effect different children. The study about Adolescent Health-Risk

Behaviors suggest that because...