Parent/Child Obligations

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Should children have certain obligations to their parents, when they get older? When one looks at this question, many answers could be drawn from this very complex topic. Therefore, after having plenty of in-depth research, I feel that children are obligated to their parents when they get older. I feel children should take care of their parents; by paying their bills, supporting them, being there for them, and lending them a hand with anything they might have difficulties with. In addition, I feel the children are in debt to their parents, for all of what their parents went through, to make the children who they are today.

My main reason for my belief is that the parents brought up the children and trained them with the proper ways of respect. Hence, some of the trainings or teachings they were taught were to be respectful and helpful to elderly.

Having baring in my mind, that the children's parents aren't exceptions to their training and teachings. Part of the training and ways to act respectful are to help out your parents with lifting heavy equipment for them, help them dress, take them shopping and many other favors. As a result, this would satisfy them, make a major impression, and make an impact to the children's parents, of what a successful job they've done as being parents.

My next main reason is, that the parents since the children have been born have been paying the bills for them. In correlation, your parents' has built a room for you at birth, and have been supporting you fully until the very day you got married. In addition, I feel that during your childhood your parents have been always giving you anything you ever...