This paper is a response to a quote. A summary of the quote is the person believed the Constitution was born out of distrust of the American people and their leaders.

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Americans enjoy the freedoms they do because of our great and long-standing system of democracy. They are able to feel and express their beliefs and not be afraid to vote against the party in power. The framers of the constitution created American democracy for the common man and to provide the common man with the freedoms they still enjoy today. Professor I.M. Skeptic is off base with his argument that the United States Constitution was born out of distrust.

However, the framers did not want to create a "pure democracy." The framers wanted to create a Republic in which the people are represented. They did this because of the size of the country. America is so large that if it were a "pure democracy" it would take years to get things done. The government would have to have the public vote on every issue and then wait for the count.

Even if the government could somehow determine a means to speedily count the ballots it still wouldn't work as well as expected because most registered voters DON'T VOTE. So, in actuality it would not be practical to create a "pure democracy."

It is because of this that the framers created the United States government with three branches. They did this to ensure that no single person controlled America, such as in Britain. This is called the system of Checks and Balances. Each of the three branches has the ability to check the other two branches.

The executive branch has the ability to check the judiciary branch by nominating the judges. The executive branch can check Congress by having the ability to veto any law or bill it passes.

Congress has the ability to check the executive branch by vetoing any bill that the President wants passed; passing a law...