This paper discusses the four functions for management.

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The four functions of management are essential to building strong teams and stronger organizations. They are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. In this paper we will be examining all four of these ingredients and then we will apply them to a real world scenario. These four things are used any time when initiating a new project or dealing with any change, which we all know is constant. A lot of us may be all ready using or have seen others, including your own organization, but just never noticed it or didn't know how to label the methods. Let us start by looking the definitions and examples of each.

The planning stage is of course the beginning of it all. This is simply the period of no action only planning. The planning and controlling stages are the most overlooked areas, in my experience, when initiating any new project. But they are critical to the outcome and without them will hinder any true results.

The time of planning should be a time of critical thinking, playing with hypothesizes, weighing costs, and planning action in case of unscheduled hindrances while the project is in effect. The costs to evaluate should be, but not limited to, monetary costs (how much this is going to cost), the costs to your manpower (how many people will this take), and costs to other projects or other work (is the cost worth the projected results). The final cost to consider is the most important since the results are usually the ultimately concern. What we must also look at is what plan we will make if we come upon any "roadblocks" along the way.

The organizing stage is when we decide who is ultimately in charge of the project and who will be measuring the results. Also...