Packard Bell vs. Dell.

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Packard Bell vs. Dell Computers

With computers showing up in homes, schools, work, and cars, it is not easy ignoring the Technological Revolution. Today many people are taking the plunge and buying personal computers for their home. Packard Bell and Dell are two major computer manufacturers in the United States in which consumers and businesses purchase computers from. Although, Packard Bell and Dell are two major computer manufacturers Dell is exceptionally better than Packard Bell in customer customizations, product quality, and support/warranty.

Ordering a computer directly from the manufacture is becoming the standard amongst many computer shoppers. Computer shoppers want a computer for specific tasks, and do not need all the added extras many retail stores add to their selection. Packard Bell computers are built according to the demand set by the retailers. Basically the retail stores get what they want instead of offering the customers the variety of options.

This scheme is similar to a car dealership. The dealer adds unnecessary options to a car in order to increase the selling price. When a customer buys a Packard Bell from a retail store, they are spending money on many unnecessary options that they will never use. Unlike Packard Bell, all Dell computers' are custom built to the customer's specifications. The customer has the privilege to build a computer to best fit his/her needs. This appeals to many people because it cuts down on unnecessary add-ins. For example, if a person wants to use the computer only word processing then they do not need a high performance video card. The money saved by not getting the high performance video card can go towards a larger monitor or something that would better suit the needs of the person. Buying a computer from Dell is much like buying a car from a...