Pablo Escobar and the War on drugs

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Throughout history the United States has been known widely for its ruthlessness and will to win as far as war is concerned. From the Spanish-American war to the World Wars, the United States has always come out on top. The United States has the always had the reputation that "we simply refuse to lose". However, one war that the United States has constantly struggled to be "on top of" is the War on Drugs.

This war seems to be a never ending battle. The fact that the demand for illicit drugs has increasingly haunted our nation for quite some time; and since 1972 when the war on drugs was formally declared by President Richard Nixon, and was later intensified by Ronald Regan and George Bush, the problem of solving the war on drugs become progressively worse. Many people will argue that as far as the drugs are concerned it has had a greater impact and has caused more family turmoil and deaths than many of the past wars our nation has fought in.

Thousands of both drug addicts as well as drug dealers are killed everyday either by overdoses, or drug deals gone sour. Drugs not only fuel crime in the United States but throughout the world. The fact that this war is still being fought today just shows how long the problem with drugs has lasted, as well as how it has consumed our nation. In order to understand the war on drugs you need to first understand the history of illicit drug use as well as the people that are behind the supply of these drugs, and the problems that their nations suffer as well. The problem is not as simple as punishing people for their drug use, the problem lies much deeper.

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