Oxford Blues" adapted by Greg Fisher from the book, :"True Blue" by Daniel Topolski and Patric Robinson

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The Oxford Blues Case Study


The purpose of this analysis of the Oxford Blues is to establish the correlation between a new syndicate group and the Dark Blue boat team of 1987.

Question 1

Two very strong personalities of which none of the two want to admit and accept the others strong point, thus rather working against each other. This unhealthy competition influences the whole team negatively.

Question 2

Take off the team member who is causing the most harm to the team. President Donald MacDonald will be the perfect team member to take his place. President Donald MacDonald; "He is a quite, disciplined and mature Scottish student who was desperate to earn his place in the Dark Blue boat and lead the crew to victory."¹ He would be the perfect person to pull the team back together for a win in 1987.

Question 3

President Donald MacDonald must let Coach Daniel Topolski do his job by giving him support & guidance in the decisions he has to make.

He did transform Oxford's fortune in the mid 1970's as proof of his competence.

Question 4

No, you will always have personality clashes and it is in most cases not possible to predict the interaction beforehand. The craft is in how you manage the two personalities to make it work for the team, but there need to be a willingness from both sides to make it a win-win situation. In this situation there is a perfect replacement and time is not on their side, thus asking the one person who is most destructive to leave makes perfect sense.

Question 5

Similarities; New team, different cultures and backgrounds, different personality types that in the syndicate group would need to work together as a team, adapt and accept each others flaws by working towards a common goal - completing MBA.

I will be patient and not force my own opinions on my team mates, rather see what you can learn from the rest of the group and what you can bring to the party to make a success of the group.


This case study have a direct correlation to what we as syndicate teams have to do to excel this year in our studies and our personal development. We would all have to row together as a team, from Bow to Starboard, from Port to Stern. All team members rowing towards one common goal; reaching the end with as little as possible mistakes but as much as possible reward.

¹ Based on information obtained from GIBS case study entitled "The Oxford Blues" adapted by Greg Fisher from the book, :"True Blue" by Daniel Topolski and Patric Robinson and incorporates clips from the movie "True Blue" by Ferdinand Fairfax.

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