Overview of the Old Testament

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Overview of the Old Testament

Joseph Maczko

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The Old Testament consists of 39 books of history from Genesis to Malachi. Beginning with Genesis all though undated marks the start of creation when God created Adam and Eve, they were without sin. However, they became sinful when they disobeyed God and ate some fruit from the tree. Through Adam and Eve, we learn about the destructive power of sin and its bitter consequences. Then, Noah was spared form the destruction of the flood because he obeyed God and built the ark. Just as God protected Noah and his family, he still protects those who are faithful to him today.

By the year 2166 B.C., Abraham was born and was later asked to leave his country. In addition, in 2091B.C. Abraham enters the land of Canaan and wait years for a son, and then sacrifices him as a burnt offering.

Through these periods of sharp testing, Abraham remained faithful to God. His example teaches us what it means to live a life of faith. It was in 2066 B.C., Abraham's son Isaac was born. Like Isaac, we must learn to put God's will ahead of our own. Later, Isaac had two sons named Jacob and Esau born in the period of 2006 B.C. In 1929 B.C., Jacob leaves to the land of Haran and settles with his family although Jacob made many mistakes, his hard work teaches us about living a life of service for our own. It was during 1915 B.C., Jacob's son, Joseph was born. Sold into slavery by his brothers and unjustly thrown into prison. In 1885 B.C., Joseph rules Egypt. It was in 1805 B.C. Joseph died from Joseph we learn that suffering, no matter how unfair, can develop strong...