Outline of the American Constitution.

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Article One: This describes The Legislative Department including the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Section 1: The main idea of the House of Representatives is that all house members are elected for a two year term in their office. It states the qualifications of a representative, or what you have to have or be to become a representative. A person must be twenty-five years of age and have lived in the United States for seven years, therefore making the person a citizen of our country. The person also must, if running for a position in government in a certain state, be an inhabitant of the state the person is running in.

Section 2: The House Membership is based on state population, so the bigger the state, the more representatives it has. It is composed of members that are chosen every two years of representatives of several states that meet the qualifications.

The House also has the soul power of impeachment, or to put the president on trial and try to threaten or get rid of him.

Section 3: This section lists the number of Senators, elections, and terms in office. There are two Senators from each state and each one is entitled to a six year term. Each Senator has one vote. One third of the Senate is chosen every two years. To become a senator one must be at least 30 years of age and have been a citizen of the United States for at least two years. The Senate also acts as the jury for an impeachment, but it takes more than two thirds votes to remove the President. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides over the entire trial.

Section 4: This section states that congress must meet once each year on the first Monday...