Our product, the SpaceSaver.

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1. Executive Summary

Our product, the SpaceSaver, will revolutionize convenient living with its multipurpose design and development. The SpaceSaver combines everyday household necessities into one easily utilized coffee table. The SpaceSaver enables the consumer to use a microwave and refrigerator while sitting comfortably in their television room or basement. This new age design has each appliance built into the side of a coffee table sized unit. Along with a built-in shelf, the SpaceSaver presents itself as a stylish, classy coffee table.

The SpaceSaver is a great investment for all ages, but is a necessity for those age fifteen to twenty-five who find themselves lacking available space for these must have household appliances. As the designers of the SpaceSaver, our company will manufacture the product for retail sales. Our main retailers will include department stores such as Sears and discount super-stores such as Target and Wal-Mart.

The key aspect of our product is its amazingly low price.

Due to the combination of the products at such a mass-produced rate, we are able to discount much of the markup rate. Instead of paying a markup on all of the products within the SpaceSaver separately, the consumer simply pays one reasonable price increase. The lower markup price ensures a low retail price and great customer interest. Our revenues from the sale of this product should benefit from the reasonable price.

2. Business description

The SpaceSaver Company is a new independent business, presently organized as a partnership, with principal offices located in Washington DC. Company operations encompass all facets of the production of the SpaceSaver product line, including design, manufacturing, marketing and support services. At the core of the product line is the SpaceSaver, a unique combination appliance that incorporates a refrigerator and microwave into the elegant settings of a coffee table. Variations...