Organizational Planning With Diversity

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Team Assignment

Value of Planning. In a Learning Team Environment Prepare a 700 - 1,050 word paper defining organizational planning and come to consensus on the value of the planning function of management. The facilitator (please self select) will give you one of the following internal or external factors: Technology, diversity, ethics, globalization, and e-business. Write planning goals and objectives for a hypothetical organization related to the assigned internal or external factor. Post the team paper to the main forum. The paper should be in APA format and must be in a word document.

Content & Development: 7.5/7.5

Nice work on this well written & well supported paper. Great use of relevant examples and outside reference material. Excellent detail and discussion.

Organization: 3/3

Well organized.

Format: 1.5/1.5

Great use of APA formatting.

Grammar, Punctuation, & Spelling: 1.5/1.5

Well done.

Readability & Style: 1.5/1.5

The paper was interesting and enjoyable to read.

Overall Grade: 15/15

Comments: D Team

Excellent work on the paper.

Organizational Planning and the Importance of Diversity

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Organizational Planning and the Importance of Diversity

This report is for the fictitious company Ropa that looks ahead at its organizational plan as it pertains to diversity for the next 3 years. "An organizational plan is basically the organization's to-do list. It lists out the plan of work, programs, and organizational growth over a period of time" (White & Castelloe, 2001, ¶1). The management team must formulate this plan in order to stay competitive in a changing consumer marketplace. Ropa will operate in a global market, and recognizes that one of the most vital elements of the operational plan is to focus on diversity and how awareness and education in this...