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There are many trends in organizational behavior today. Two of these trends are ethical decision making and technology. Both of these trends can cause or alleviate stress in the workplace if not handled correctly. Ethical decision making can help to alleviate stress if people make their decisions looking at all aspects of the question and not just what they want to have happen. Using technology to its full extent while alleviating the stress it sometimes causes are problems that we are still trying to work through in the modern day workplace. I am going to discuss how ethical decision making and technology affect work-related stress.

Ethics Causing Stress

Ethics can cause stress in decision making when you do not take the other person's feelings or opinions into account. When you make a decision that affects others you need to think not just about the final outcome but also about how this decision will conclude in the long run.

In our facility we are having problems with a decision a corporate manager made. She felt free to discuss her political beliefs with the staff and when they did not agree she would tell them what was wrong with their decision. It has not blown into a debate in the workplace with employees wearing buttons and the manager citing rules that force them to take them off.

Ethics Relieving Stress

Using ethics when making decisions can help alleviate a lot of work-related stress. If a manager thinks through a question before coming up with an answer she is more likely to make a decision that will not cause a lot of conflict with the staff. As shown above, the corporate manager did not think the situation through before making a decision. I had several employees that told me that if...