(Opinion paper) Should an amendment be passed allowing same sex marriage and banning abortion?

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There are several major issues today concerning amendments to the constitution. One of the major issues that I think there should be an amendment passed for is same sex marriage. The other major issue that I think there should be an amendment passed for is the banning of abortion.

The idea of same sex marriage has been a long debated subject. Everyone has their own life and their own responsibilities and most importantly their own way of living. In 2003 The Field Poll measured attitudes of Californians on this issue (allowing same-sex marriage where regular marriage laws apply), 42% approved, while 50% disapproved, and 8% were undecided, rather then in 1997 when 39% approved, 55% disapproved, and 6% were undecided (http://www.fieldpoll.com). This poll showed that people are currently accepting the fact that there are homosexuals who are in love and want to get married. Another poll stated that 47% of people ages 18-39 approve same-sex marriages where regular marriage laws apply, rather then the people who are 65 and older, only 19% think it should be legal (http://www.fieldpoll.com).

I think that the people in the 18-39 age range think it should be legal because we are brought up in a more accepting world. The people in the 65 and older age range are less accepting of the homosexual marriages because they were brought up in stricter and less tolerant times. A majority of Americans now consider homosexuality an acceptable alternative lifestyle (http://newsbatch.com).

In my opinion I think same sex marriage should be made legal and become an amendment. Allowing people to make their own choices, live their own lives, believe whatever they want, and, as long as they are not directly obstructing upon someone else's rights, do whatever they want. It's been a long time coming but our society...