Opinion essay on equity of women.

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Many people believe that women have reached the optimum of equality in today's world. They say women are completely equal to men, and that that fact should not be argued. However, women have not gained equality through our efforts. The fact is, in today's society there are continuous cycles that will never allow women to be equal to men.

First of all, media has gone and created the "perfect women" if you will, which is in all actuality is a female who that is 9% taller, and 16% thinner then the average, healthy woman, preventing us from being represented as equals. While media reports such as, Sex Role Stereotyping in the Broadcast Media have been issued to recommend that certain standards be met in order to portray women in ways that are not demeaning; however, these reports are not consented when in production. For example, broadcasting companies have failed to follow through on much of the report such as, how the report states, "Broadcasting should include a wide variety of images reflecting the diversity of women in our culture."

Meanwhile, the majority of women in media do not represent the female population, they are tiny, and easily persuaded, which is what society sees as the "perfect women". So women have not reached equality in media due to a continuous stereotype.

Secondly, women are commonly victims of sexual assault that degrades them and places them under constant fear, and dread. In other words, it is increasingly difficult for women to reach their full potential, and compete to the best of their ability with males, when they are living a life where they are quite unsure of their security. For instance, Canadian studies have shown that 50% of women nation-wide (compared with a mere 17% of males), again, that is one out...