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The New Dealer's War

The New Dealer's War: FDR and the war within World War II by Thomas Fleming is about the hidden war inside the American Government and Franklin Delano Roosevelt's struggle to keep the United States out of World War II. While Franklin Roosevelt was promising the people of the United States that their country would not be entering World War II, he and his government officials and advisors were developing a plan of war against Germany and Japan. This plan for war was code named the Rainbow Plan. This secret plan was what inadvertently brought America into a war that it did not want any part of.

The Rainbow Plan was not part of FDR's plan to lie to American's by entering the war anyway, it was simply the president's way of being prepared in the event of the U.S. having to join the war. Soon after this plan was finished, however, it was mysteriously leaked into the press system and published nationally.

This was the mistake that ultimately pulled the United State into the war.

After Roosevelt's war plan was leaked and published, it got into the hands of officials at the German Embassy, who wired news of this to Germany. Germany undoubtedly sent word over to their allies, the Japanese. Once the Japanese had this information, they had incentive for a preemptive strike against America.

The Japanese had already made a plan of their own for war against America. In the event of the United States entering the war, an attack on the American Naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii was to be launched. When Japan learned of the Rainbow Plan, it was cause enough to launch their attack. After the attack, the United States declared war on Japan, bringing a once neutral...