"Once There Was a Child" I tried to communicate to my audience with a significant moral. A moral, which all children I think ought to observe.

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At least once, in one's life one hears about situations of children not heeding their parents, and how, as a result, bad things happened to them. The story, which you are about the read, is about a boy, who did not heed his father's advice. One day, the boy went to school and never returned home. I hope that by the time you finish reading the story you will agree that it is imperative to heed to your parent's guidance.

Once there was a child who lived with his father. Many strange things had been occurring in the area in which the son and father lived. Many kids had gone missing. They had taken a shortcut to school instead of heeding their parent's advice. The father and his son John, lived in a house located deep inside the woods, about eight miles to the nearest town, which was called Oxford.

John's father worked in a car factory, his mother had died in a car accident three years ago.

Everyday John would go to school and come back home. John's father always told him not to take the shortcut to school. The father had told John about the kids, who had taken the shortcut and turned up missing. John told his father that he was not scared, and that he wanted someday to explore in the woods. John always obeyed his father, and never took the shortcut as his father had instructed him not to. Until one day, on his way to school, he decided to take the shortcut because he thought it would be faster.

The whole school day went by and John never arrived at school. When the father got home, he did not find his son. Usually by the time the father came home, John would already be...