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The Olympics were originated in Greece. It was mainly meant for the people to impress the gods, and goddesses, as I read in an encyclopedia. Now the Olympics are all about "flashiness" and who is better then who, rather then a stream of enjoyment, which brings competition, between other countries. I am here to talk about why I like the new style of Olympics, rather then the Greek way, which is to impress, rather then to win and give your heart.

Ever since I could remember, I have always watched the Olympics, I was there when Michael Johnson broke the record, I was there when the U.S. hockey team took silver, I was there when the U.S. dream team originated. One thing however, I was not there when some dude started the whole thing. But, one thing I can say for sure is that the Olympics are all for a good cause.

I say that because you can represent your country in an athletic way, and prove that you are better then the others, it gives a feeling of accomplishment. For instance, the Canadian's will always have a bragging right over the U.S. because of their, numerous numbers of gold metals in hockey and Curling. The Russians will have their bragging rights, in hockey and figure skating; hence, we will have ours in Basketball, Track and Field, and weight training. There are many other countries that compete and only one country can be a gold in their event, one country can be a silver at a event, and one country can be a bronze at one event, and then at the end they count of how many metals the countries have and score them on a point scale, and then you get your official gold, silver, and bronze...