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If I could change one thing about My High School I would choose the lunch rules. I went to a different High School my freshmen year and we had off campus lunch, when I transferred here to the high school I'm at now that wasn't an option anymore for lunch. I do believe that would be better change for our school.

This year there have been quit a few fights, if we had off campus lunch I so believe they wouldn't happen. It always starts over a chair in the cafeteria. It a lame thing to fight about but it happens. Also, we could go home and eat health food instead of eating the food provided or going hungry. I personally bring my food from home but there is no microwave in the lunchroom, so we can warm up anything, unless we know a teacher that has one that we can use.

I would rather bring leftovers from the night before warm them up and eat them, but I'm stuck either bring a cold sandwich or cup-of-noodles. After 180 days eating tough's two things gets old fast.

All the options we have to go around in my town to eat is Kings Row, Subway, Burger Ranch, Pizza Hut, Save on Foods, Red Apple, and any of the gas stations. Therefore, we have a lot of different places to go and eat. This I think gives students a better health decision, they school food is not good for you. Some of it's not really meat.

There are disadvantages on letting us go off campus. There are toughs kids that go out and drink and smoke, also, the ones that go and don't come back. There are also the mature ones that care about being late and want to go to school. It they do something not school appropriate then you give them a warning and the next time they do it there done going off campus. If they try going off then you get them in trouble. Many school have off campus lunch they made changes such as not letting the freshmen off campus, in our case it would be the sophomores. This concludes one thing I would want to change about my High School. Say "YES" to off campus lunches.