"Nuclear Proliferation Involving Rogue Countries"

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The growing concerns for nuclear proliferation involving rogue nations are increasing with every passing day. Nations such as Iran are continuing to head up work, which involves uranium enrichment activities. This work is a major threat on the U.S. and other countries for fear of nuclear war. One of the main reasons that the U.S. cannot seize the jobs and stop any progress of the experiments and testing is because of the U.S. nations dependency of the Middle East's oil. Therefore in order for the United States to stop the fear of nuclear weapons attack, the country must overtake the experiments and tests run in Iran and all other rouge nations. As far as the dependency of their oil resources, there are already alternative methods aiding the country in using the least amount of resources. This country needs to be more active in completely being free of dependency of these nations oil resources.

According to Susan Page of U.S.A. Today, " Americans are deeply worried about the possibility that Iran will develop nuclear weapons and use them against the USA, a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll finds, but they also fear that the Bush administration will be "too quick" to order military action against Iran. Nearly 7 of 10 of those surveyed over the weekend say they are concerned that the United States will move prematurely to use force, but they also seem to recognize the quandary that policymakers face. There is almost as much concern that the Bush administration won't do enough to prevent Iran from gaining a nuclear arsenal." (U.S.A. Today 2006) this fear that Americans have canRogue 3be laid to rest by the President sending in troops to take over the labs that are heading up works to enrich their uranium supply.

Even though Iran has stated that they...