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Diseases matching-

-Myopathy-any disease of the muscles.

-Atrophy-polio, decrease in the size of a muscle due to lack of use following loss

of motor nerve.

-Contracture- cramp or charley horse, shortening of the fibers of a muscle,

myotonia-muscle fails to relax .

-curare-neuromuscular juncion, inactivating acetylcholine and thereby preventing the transmission of an impulse from nerve to muscle, flaccid (limp) paralysis results.

-Eserine, blocks the action of cholinesterase and permit acetylcholine to act in an uninhibited manner, producing a spastic (rigid) paralysis.


-Hypertrophy-inflamation of muscles due to long period of stress.

-Muscular Dystrophy-children and males, cause is unknown, 7 major types.

-Myalgia-muscle pain

-Myasthenia gravis- cant keep eyelids open

-Paralysis- Flaccid-lack of firmness or tone(atonia), Spaastic- too much tone(hypertonia)

-Shin Splints-soreness on the front of the tibia

-Spasm-tic in eye involuntary muscle contraction

-Tetanus- lock jaw

-Tetany- caused by alkalosis

-Torticollis- spasmodic contraction of the neck muscles

-Ulnar nerve Paralysis- bent digits

-Winged scapula-affects the lumbar region

-palsy-skaing, aged, skiing.

Effects of Curare- Chondodendron Tomentosum-south american indians

Shuts off acetylcholine, which causes muscle contraction, so then too much cholinesterase reaches muscle. The muscles go limp and the person may suffocate due to the fact that the diaphragm and intercostal muscles will not move.

-used today as a muscle relaxant during shock treatments

-pure nicotine-same effect on muscle

Fill in Blanks on A bands I bands - 267

Szent gyorgyi-found that the chief constituents of muscle fibrils are 2 proteins actin and myosin, he found that contraction could not occur unless 3 things were present 1)actin


Frog experiment


Actin and myosin are also found in the cytoskelton of the cell.

Atp for energy

He assumed that actin and myosin were folding

Schmitt and Huxley-electron microscope show that contractions , certain salt solutions it is possible to extract myosin...