The Night We Stole the Mounties Car.

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In The Night We Stole the Mounties Car many signs of prejudice are shown. Prejudice is everywhere it is you and me. So people say there not prejudice but when they see a skinny short kid with glasses and carrying books they assumed that he is smart. Don't you? Poverty is also a big problem in this book and is shown in all aspects. The book is based in the thirties and North America was at an all time low for jobs during this time.

Prejudice is all around. It's you and me, in some short of way. Not always meaning to or even noticing. Like when someone walks in with glasses and a plaid shirt you automatically think that he's smart but that in fact is being prejudice. A postal worker was late delivering his mail. Smith says" he hasn't shown up yet "(Bithwaite, 1969, pg76). As if the lowly postal worker wasn't worth a human status.

Smith acts as if he is too good even to say his name. Max explains how United Church members think that the French-Canadians and Ukrainians are trying to put them and their ways to an end. They brought this about because it seems everything they lose from the Orthodox Church gains. Example when the United Church lost the postal office due to reports of bad service the leader of the Orthodox took over. Smith shows strong prejudice towards a local Ukrainian. "Mumble" don't know what's happened to him" suggesting clearly that he was out drunk somewhere or off in the livery barn with Ruby". Ruby being the local slut in town. Max talked about he interesting it was when a member of United was walking by a member of the Orthodox on main street they would give each other looks and walk...