A newspaper report on Al Capone and the St Valentines day Massacre

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Earlier today 7 people were shot dead in a volley of machinegun bullets, this horrible attack is thought to be from Al 'Scarface' Capone.

The victims were thought to have been killed by Al Capone's men while they were standing in a warehouse on 2122

Clark street waiting for a lorry shipment.

The seven dead bodies have been recognised as Bugs Moran's men. Bugs Moran after he confirmed that the bodies were those of his men, he said, "Only Capone kills guys like that!"

An eyewitness said that:

'While the seven men waited inside the warehouse, they seemed had no idea that a police car had pulled up outside, or that one of the men (Moran) had spotted the car and had quickly taken cover. Five men got out of the police car, three of them in uniforms and two in civilian clothing. They entered the building and a few moments later, the clatter of machine gun fire broke the stillness of the snowy morning.

Soon after, the five figures emerged and they drove away. A dog, inside of the warehouse (May's), was barking and howling and when neighbors went to check and see what was going on... they discovered a bloody murder scene.'

By the way the corpses were laid out it looked as though Moran's men had been lined up against the rear wall of the garage and had been sprayed with machine-guns. The five men killed all seven of them but had missed Bugs Moran, he had figured the arrival of the police car to be some sort of shakedown and had hung back. When the machine gunning started, Marks, Newberry and he had fled. The murders broke the power of the North Side gang and Moran correctly blamed Al Capone.

No one will probably...