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The realization of separating the morals of famous people in American

history from their contributions. By being able to learn both of these views when

growing up in a society that seems to only focus on the positive roles children in the

school system will not make similar mistakes. Perhaps by leaving out these negative

aspects of such famous historical figures people will have better role models to look

up to. In any case to learn all parts of history is true knowledge and will lead to a

better societies for people to grow up and live in.

        When people are viewed for their achievements along with their morals or

lack there of students learning history can choose for them selves whether or not to

idolize these American heroes. When Woodrow Wilson ran for office and promised

to bring a better sense of equality to the United States but when he was elected he

not only ignored this promise but also segregated people in the White House.

Although Wilson made so many important changes to the structure of the country

we must realize he also broke his promises upon entering office. This will allow

people to come to their own conclusion about the kind of man he was and the

accomplishments he made.

        In the case of Helen Keller students realize how important her achievements

were learning how to speak while being blind and deaf. This lead her to become a

large influence in the lives of young women striving to become successful in a male

dominated world. Along with these contributions to American society she was also a

Socialist and celebrated the events taking place in Russia even writing a song about

it. Many of her books on socialism were burned to protect the young girls of the

United States from the negative side of their role model. I believe young girls and

women would still look up to her even if they knew about her socialist background.

We as a country and an educational system must trust people to follow the positive

aspects of history while learning from the mistakes rather then just picking through

events and choosing only what looks good on paper.

        Someone like Christopher Columbus is symbolized as the founder of

America and even had a holiday celebrated in his name. He discovered America by

accident and also stole from the Native Americans who welcome him with nothing

but generosity. For a man to be looked at as the sole reason we are the United

States of America and be someone whole stole from the Native Americans and raped

their women are a pretty strange thought.

I am not saying we should not celebrate the achievements of these American

icons if you will but how can we look up to a man with such demeaning morals.

History books must include all the facts for American society to be able to create an

identity for itself. History books should not neglect any part of America's past. If

society ever truly wants to grow up and allow the people involved in it to change for

the better then we must from the mistakes of our supposed heroes. I have learned

that there is more in history then what has been written in textbooks. By

learning new concepts and the truth about the past society will develop a face in the