Never Cry Wolf, by Farley Mowart

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Never Cry Wolf, by Farley Mowart, describes a scientist's adaptation to the wilderness as he is in search of wolves. Tyler, who is the main character, learns to respect the rights of the animals in the wilderness throughout the movie. Before his adventure begins Tyler runs into a drunk at the bar who tells him to avoid nature, as he would be the only meat to eat there. Rosie, a bush pilot, flies Tyler into the wilderness, and has no feelings towards nature whatsoever in the beginning, but finds that there is a use later on, and becomes rich off of its resources and its inhabitants. Ootek, an Indian that looks at wolves in a deep particular way, is a big influence on Tyler's development of respect for nature. Mike, Ootek's nephew, understands Tyler and follows his uncle at first, but ends up losing respect for the wolves and nature.

When Rosie dropped Tyler off on the lake, Tyler didn't know what to think about his adventure or the wilderness. As he began his adventure, he learned quickly to respect nature and its inhabitants. Upon meeting Ootek, Tyler began to discover what nature was really like. Mike gave him the same impression as Ootek. When Rosie dropped Tyler off he made it a point that he had no idea where they were or what they were there for. He was extremely unsure of nature and what it consists of, and felt that he had no need for it. When Tyler went exploring around towards the end of the movie, he found Rosie and a couple other guys camping out and playing football by a lake. Once confronted, Rosie said that he hit the jackpot and planned to turn the acreage into something fabulous. In the end Rosie...