Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

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Frederick was a slave in the early half of the nineteenth century and then got his freedom. After getting his freedom he wrote this book about his events that he had to endure from his life as a slave. This book that Douglass was good because it help people really understands what a slave as to go through. Douglass discusses the behavior, treatment and thoughts toward slaves. This information helped historians to get right into the world of slavery in America.

Frederick Douglass brings us right it the horrible lives of a slave describe the dilemma they faced during this period. As soon as a black baby is born they are all ready a slave, but will be taking from the mother to prevent any kind of relationship between the two. The white master did this because if the slaves have no relationships between one another for the market. In the market the slaves are bought or sold and if they have no bonds they can just go to the next plantation be productive and keep the cycle flowing.

Frederick said in his book his mother would travel 12 miles to his plantation to visit him at night. He never saw his mother's face in the sunlight and when she died, his emotions were like the death of a stranger and with her death the knowledge of his father was gone.

As he grew up he started to notice how the blacks on the field were getting treated. The masters only gave the slaves two linen shirts and pants to last the whole year. The children would just a shirt that would go to their knees nothing else also they did not get shoes. They were feed every little, work extremely long hours and were disciplined by being beaten or...