name three events that frees the protagonist, Gabriel, in Joyce James, "The Dead" from his possessiveness and egotism.

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Composition 3

An event that frees the protagonist in the Dead, Gabriel, from his possessiveness and egotism is when he says something to Lily that makes her sad. Gabriel is just expecting that Lily is alright and that she is getting married soon, when this turns out not to be true, he feels as if he makes a mistake. '"Gabriel coloured as if he had made a mistake and, without looking at her, kicked off his goloshes and flicked actively with his muffler at his patent-leather shoes."'(2242) Then Gretta is making fun of him and that makes him feel awkward. Gretta tells Julia and Kate, Gabriel his two aunts, that whenever it is wet she has to put on goloshes from gabriel. The two aunts think it is very funny, and Gabriel gets nervous, he does not feel at easy. He is afraid they are joking with him and he tries to reassure himself; '"Gabriel laughed nervously and patted his tie reassuringly while Aunt Kate nearly doubled herself, so heartily did she enjoy the joke."'(2243)

An event that frees Gabriel from his egotism happens when he is talking to Miss Ivory. When Gabriel and miss Ivory are partenered she starts immediatly with a cross-examination. Miss Ivory is telling Gabriel that he should be ashamed because he is writing for The Daily Express and she thinks it is a rag, but most important is that she thinks it is only for people from West-Briton. He does not know how to respond to that, because their careers had been parallel and he does not want to have an argument with her. Then she begins about a trip to the Aran Isles and she invites Gabriel and his wife. Gretta wants to go desperately but he...