The Name Of The Father.

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These are three paragraphs that i put together about the three main characters in the movie, being Gerry, Giuseppe and Joe McAndrew. It was put together to be worked into an end of year exam.


Gerry was immature, even reckless in the way he lived as a young man in Belfast. While he stood on the rooftop of a house stealing scrap-metal he was stupid enough to make himself a target to the British soldiers by pretending to play his guitar with a stick, and started a riot. We saw him standing in the crowd, hurling stones at the British soldiers yelling, "English Bastards", even though he's politically naïve. Even in London the pattern continued when he broke into the hooker's house and stole her money, after playing with her toys. Gerry had a great love for his father and family, although we didn't often see him express it.

He came to understand the true importance of his family at moments like when he was comforting his father holding the towel over his head in prison, remembering a childhood memory. We also saw when after his confrontation with Mc Andrew he put his hand on Giuseppe's shoulder and offered to help with the campaign. When the police threaten to kill his father, he confesses to the bombing to save his dad. When he's in prison we saw his concern for his father when he says to Garreth Pierce, "Why are you giving my father false hopes". Gerry's inner strength didn't show until he is in prison. He grows from becoming an immature young man to being a faithful and honest man much like his father. Standing up to Joe McAndrew, looking him in the eye he says, "That was a good day's work. You're a real brave man", after...