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Dance with the Music

        When we think of gifts, we picture little boxes covered with shiny wrapping paper and a cute little ribbon on top. For my fifth birthday, my present didn't exactly fit these "requirements".

        Turning five, all I wanted was dolls, little kitchen sets, and music. While other children watched Barney and Sesame Street, I watched tapes of ballets, concerts and musicals. It was evident that I was a child who would grow to love music and its art.

        My cousin Ashley was interested in the field of music, too. She was a wonderful pianist and in my eyes, a role model. I started to beg to learn how to play piano.

        My mother brought me to my first keyboard teacher, Scott. He taught me all the notes, their values, and some simple songs. Although I learned only the basics, I was overjoyed. Every week after lessons I would rush to my parents and show them what I had accomplished.

        When my fifth birthday was just around the corner, I knew I wanted to continue with my studies. My parents knew that it was time to elevate me to the next level.

        Waking up on the day of my birthday, my parents blind-folded me and led me to the dining room. Taking off the handkerchief, I stood in front of the most beautiful piano I had ever seen. In front of me was a brown, upright Wurlitzer, my very own piano. I immediately pulled out the chair from under the piano and opened the lid. I took a deep breath and played Jingle Bells, the only song I could memorize at the time. Gliding my fingers on the smooth piano keys, I couldn't believe that this was all so real.

        Now when I go to practice the piano...